• "Protect Your Family, Making Carpeted Areas Healthier And More Hygienic"

    The HealthGuard® flooring installation system ensures that your new carpet is laid on a stable and hygienic surface. Those who suffer from allergies and asthma that want carpeting installed in their homes can greatly benefit from this particular installation.

  • "Choosing the Right Flooring Underlay is Important, Yet Often Overlooked"

    Allergens in the air we breathe have long been a problem for many of us, but for some, they can actually represent quite a severe health risk. Without special precautions, the air in your home and place of work can soon become full of these irritating particles.

  • "HealthGuard®, Simply The Best In Flooring Solutions for Today’s Environment"

    We guarantee our products and workmanship, without which we would not have grown to more than 120 outlets throughout South Africa over a 27 year period. Our name is synonymous with top quality, friendly, professional service and affordable flooring solutions.

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HealthGuard® Flooring Installations

improve the air quality in your home


A high filtration vacuum system effectively removes all contamination from the bare floor after your old carpeting has been removed.


Sprayed onto the floor surface provides long-  term protection from allergens, dust mites, microbes and mould.


Is installed to create a protective barrier against future contamination from spills and rising damp.

  • Q: For which type of carpets can I get a HealthGuard® Installation? +

    A: The Healthguard Flooring Installation is perfect for all carpets and laminates available at Top Carpets and Floors.
  • Q: How long do the HealthGuard® benefits last? +

    A: With proper care and attention, HealthGuard® benefits should last for several years (subject to traffic and usage).
  • Q: How long does it take? +

    A: Times vary depending on your home and the number of rooms being carpeted, but a standard room takes approximately 20 minutes longer than a standard carpet installation.
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Over 120 Outlets Nationwide

Top Carpets And Floors - South Africa's largest flooring retailer - Established in 1988. This means a huge savings for you. With over 120 branches nationwide, offering a wide range of flooring products and exceptional service.

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  • "SpillGuard is an underlay that protects against rising damp and surface spillages"

    Spilling food and drink is one of the greatest causes of an unhygienic carpet. Many people’s first reaction is to scrub the carpet which is a mistake.

  • "Cleaning And Protecting Of Carpets Made Easy"

    BioGuard should be sprayed onto the flooring surface before carpet installation to protect against the effects of dust mites, microbes, mould and allergens.

  • "Protecting your Children from the Risk of Allergies at Home "

    While many children suffer allergies in the form of an irritating rash or sneezing and a persistent nasal drip, there can be few experiences more distressing to a parent than being forced to witness a son or daughter in the grip of a severe asthma attack.

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